Our Competitors

Our Competitors

Our Competitors

This is where you will find a comparison between us and the competition. This is an apples to apples comparison so that you wont have to call each company to compare. Not many companies are willing to post other companies prices, but we feel we are the better company and have no problem letting you make an informed decision.

A Plus Junk Removal

Our process starts with you the customer. Once we get a call for junk removal, we will ask a series of questions that help us determine the best way to proceed. We will walk you through the process, how we do things, our disposal process, and the best way to service your needs. Once you agree on a free no obligation quote, we send out a team of two employees, who will evaluate the job, and quote you a price. If you agree with the price we can start right then. Our pricing is based on a few factors like size of items, weight and travel to the job site. All of our prices include labor, dump fees, and there is never a hidden fee. The only charge not quoted is good ole Uncle Sam and his sales tax, which is added at the end. Remember that our prices include the rental of the dumpster, and ALL labor, this is not just a dumpster roll off. This is the biggest difference in price between a full service company like ours, and a roll off dumpster rental. Our minimum charge is $79, with a full load charge of $549.

1 800 GOT JUNK

They are a full service junk company similar to ours.  We both use the same trucks, carry the same amount of stuff, have the same insurances and remove the same things. They are a national franchise, with a franchise fee of $125,000, so you know  they are going to be more expensive.  Being a franchise, they have set fees they have to pay for call centers, royalty fees, and other costs that you, the customer pay. We don't have any of those. Where we feel we are better is in the customer service. If you have a problem with them, you call and get a national help line. If you call us and have a problem, you get the owner to fix the problem. Their minimum charge is $112, with a full load charge of $600.

JCM Junk Removal

This is a local company that is also a full service junk removal company. One of the biggest differences between us is our equipment. They use a pickup truck and trailer to remove items. Absolutely nothing wrong with this setup and it is a great way to do it. However it cannot hold as much as our 15 yard truck. We use the truck we do because of the ability to carry more, which costs you less. Most jobs we can do in a single truck load, versus having to make multiple trips with a smaller setup, like a truck and trailer. Multiple trips add more to the price, since they have to pay the extra labor for travel, more gas, and more dump fees. Their minimum charge is $99, with a full load charge of $599.

Roll Off Dumpster Companies

Roll off dumpsters are just what it says. A company drops off a container, and you fill it with the junk you want, they come back and pick it up. Sounds easy, until you load all of the items yourself. They are cheaper, and if you don't mind loading all the heavy stuff into it, then this is a good option. For those of you who are too busy, elderly, or out of state cleaning out an estate, this is not the option for you. Roll off Dumpsters are $275-350 just for the dumpster, plus $65 a ton over 2 tons, and you do ALL the labor.

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